Now doesn't that look fun?

This is road tested over hundreds of shows where I'm

only doing the material that kills em' every time. And frankly, you know

someone from your group you'd like to see sawed in half!

That's what makes the show, your people put into hilarious situations.

This is a guaranteed hit at your event every time. EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I guarantee you'll have people coming up to you afterwards saying

"That was fantastic! Where did you find that guy?"

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It's not as expensive as you think!

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Mark Robinson wants his performance to leave you so entertained that your company will continue to book his comedy act again and again. Mark Robinson is a comedy act whose goal is to make his performance memorable, so that everyone in you company will talk about how much fun they had.

Let Mark Robinson show you how fun and entertaining a comedy act can be. Book Mark Robinson for your next comedy act event. Contact us today at 877-427-1852.

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